The Portal is a web-based platform providing easy-to-use access to EyeOnText’s NLP technology.

  • Creating an account

  • Installing the client

  • Building a pipeline

  • Processing your documents

  • Creating a project skeleton

  • Compiling your files

  • Testing your domain

  • Python API

  • TopicIdentifier

  • Themes

The Portal comes with a website enabling the building of powerful pipelines in a few clicks. These pipelines form the basis of your NLP application and contain components that will process your documents to extract the requested information. While the website offers a simple way to test and debug your pipelines, the actual processing itself can be integrated in your own application using the provided REST API or Python Client. The latter consists of two components:

  • A library, available via the eot.wowool.portal.client module, allows you to interact with the Portal and easily parse the results

  • Some CLI (command line interface) utilities available in the shell, such as wow and woc, allow you to quickly process your documents or compile your custom domains. This greatly speeds up testing and debug and integrates well in a standard development cycle

Find out more about the Portal using the following resources: